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of Alcoholics Anonymous

There are 93 Areas in the United States and Canada, each made up of a number of Districts.  Rockford Area Intergroup is located in Area 20 and headquartered in District 70, with member Groups in adjoining Districts.

Area 20 Website

District 70 Website

District 71 Website

District 72 Meetings schedule only:

District 73 Meetings schedule only:

Grapevine is the A.A. Fellowship’s principal magazine, with current circulation of approximately 100,000 around the world. It was started by a group of six volunteers in June 1944 as a newsletter for A.A.s in the New York City area, but immediately reached a wider readership when the editors sent free copies to A.A.s serving in the armed forces during World War II. In 1945, the groups in the U.S. and Canada voted it their A.A. magazine, and soon it became known as the international monthly journal of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The current and archive editions may be accessed at

The following sites provide historical information about Bill W. & Dr. Bob, co-founders of Alcoholics Anonymous, and  Dr. Silkworth, who had a significant effect on Bill W. and the forming of A.A.

Bill & Lois Wilson’s home

Dr. Bob & Ann Smith’s home

Birthplace of Bill W.

Dr. Silkworth information


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