The great assortment of literature available from A.A. can be viewed in the literature catalog.

RAIA maintains an inventory of books, pamphlets, medallions, and other items. Drop in and browse or call if you have a specific request. This is the link to the current inventory: link to come

Note: Some pamphlets are large and may take up to a minute to download.

P-4 - Young People and A.A.

Ten Young A.A.'s —16 to 27— tell how the program works for them.

P-5 - A.A. for the Woman

Relates the experiences of alcoholic women—all ages and from all walks of life.

P-6 - Three Talks to Medical Societies by Bill W., Co-founder of A.A.

Contains Bill’s ideas of how A.A. works, principles borrowed from medicine and religion, and a summary of A.A.’s first 23 years.


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